Snowex 12140 Helixx Stainless Steel Spreader
Snowex 12140 Helixx Stainless Steel Spreader

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Snowex 12140 Helixx Stainless Steel Spreader

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The HELIXX™ 535LTR stainless steel hopper spreader is right-sized for today’s most popular half-ton and light-duty trucks. Like the full-sized HELIXX units, this model provides excellent material flow, but in a more compact size, that’s better suited to handle smaller spaces and jobs.

The patent-pending corkscrew – or “helix” – design of the HELIXX material delivery system is optimized for efficient and cost-effective use of salt and was designed to operate in the target range for salt spreading best practices. The innovative design helps prevent clogs and delivers a material flow superior to traditional augers.

  • PATENT PENDING HELIXX CORKSCREW AUGER DELIVERY SYSTEM Full-length auger for even unloading with no clogging
  • CAB FORWARD HOPPER Delivers better payload distribution to reduce stress on the truck.
  • STAINLESS STEEL Hopper and frame are constructed of corrosion-resistant stainless steel. The frame features a unique leg and sill design to form a ridged backbone structure for greater durability, and riveted construction provides consistent, quality joints.
  • 1/2 HORSEPOWER 12-VOLT ELECTRIC DRIVE SYSTEM Low maintenance, high-torque, commercial continuous-duty electric motor. Weather-resistant sealed unit for durability. Two grease fittings (Zirk fittings) for easy maintenance. Drives a variable-pitch solid-shaft auger.
  • QUICK-CONNECT SPINNER ASSEMBLY WITH NO, BLAST STARTUP Designed for easy installation and removal. Allows use of towbar hitch when removed. Features durable corrosion-resistant stainless steel. For maximum material placement and control, the spinner doesn’t blast upon startup, instead starting at the desired speed setting on the dial.
  • INDEPENDENT SPINNER & AUGER CONTROL Both models are complete with an in-cab dual variable-speed controller, for independent speed adjustment of the spinner & auger. Using this digital controller allows for precise material placement.
  • TOP SCREEN Prevents large frozen chunks of material from entering the hopper Provided as standard equipment.
  • FITTED TARP Provides protection from water ingress, for clog-free distribution of material.
  • NON-COMBUSTIBLE HD AUTOMOTIVE HARNESS Only requires a single 4-pin wire routed into the cab to install the compact control.
  • WORK LIGHT Offers better visibility at the rear of spreader during night applications.