Premium Hot Tubs From The North


The story of the REXENER hot tubs began with one man’s dream. A lot of thinking, planning, parts manufacture, trial and error. The unique hot tubs got created with patience and the result is stunning. Handmade premium hot tubs with Finnish high-quality raw materials.

Initially, the hot tub entrepreneur just set out to earn a little extra income. However, he soon found himself working all night long as orders kept flowing in. By June 2020, he had already sold almost 1,400 hot tubs. An excellent product in high demand, the hot tubs are now backed up by a top international team.



Handmade in Finland, Rexener Polar is a high-quality premium hot tub with a wooden frame and fibreglass pool. It takes considerably less time to heat than when heating with wood. A built-in filter and pool chemicals ensure the water stays clean for a long time. A jet system brings a touch of luxury.

This hot tub has it all. A thermostat-controlled Rexener Bioheater, water circulation pump, mass filter, lights and a jet system with a eight nozzles.

Package contains: Square fibreglass pool, wild spruce frame,  Rexener Bioheater + chimney with barrel hat + fuel tank, polyurethane insulation, mass filter kit (incl. water circulation pump), LED lights, protective case (for water heater and mass filter kit), jet system. Rexener Polar is HSG282 compliant.

Easy & quick to heat

Year-Round Use

Water That Remains Clean

Jet System

UV & LED Lights

Low operating costs of the Rexener Polar hot tub

The Rexener Polar hot tub benefits from low operating costs. Its economical pool has a relatively low water volume of ca. 1,300–1,500 litres. Thanks to its advanced design, the pool still feels spacious.

The Rexener Bioheater can heat the water from +7 degrees to +38 degrees in less than two hours. This means the heating cost is as low as 4 euros! When the Rexener Bioheater is running, its fuel consumption is 2L/hour. However, its thermostat will turn the heater off when the water reaches the right temperature. When the water temperature falls by 2–4 degrees, the heater will turn itself back on.



Rexener PolarFibreglass – the hygienic choice

Fibreglass is durable, robust and easy to clean. Regular washing and drying can help maintain your hot tub’s hygiene. Fibreglass is an excellent material for Northern weather conditions. It is a long-lasting and durable material. Our fibreglass pools are made in Finland.

Quick heating – no smoke

The Rexener Polar hot tub is also ideal for detached housing estates, as the heater does not generate smoke that might disturb your neighbours. The Rexener PR200 water heater is particularly efficient, which means that using it generates only minimal harmful emissions. What comes out of the chimney is mostly carbon dioxide. The hot tub heats up very quickly compared to a wood fireplace. Heating speed is influenced by the outside temperature, and whether or not the pool is covered.

Arctic luxury – inspired by Northern nature

Rexener hot tubs take their colours from the building materials of the idyllic Northern landspace – white snow and the black granite stone of the North, Gabro. Rexener hot tubs have an outer shell that is made of lichen grey Northern wild spruce. It is treated with tinted wood oil which contains little bit wax. Wood oil reduces cracking, protects against moisture and grime.

Enjoy a calm bath

The pool’s corners have comfortable, slanted backrests, and there’s plenty of foot space in the middle. It is also fairly deep in the midsection, which makes the pool feel very large. The Rexener Polar hot tub has a step that makes it easy to climb in and out of the pool, and can also be a children’s seat when necessary.

Easy-to-use drain mechanism – exclusively in Rexener Polar hot tubs

Our products are in active development and as a result, how easy it is to drain the pool is something we have taken into account. All the water can be drained from the bottom of the pool, without having to drain it by hand. The fireplace side of the pool has a drainage valve from which the water drains. You can also attach a 25 mm hose to better direct the water flow.

Rexener Bioheater – a warm hot tub at the press of a button

No need to chop firewood! Anybody can use the Rexener Bioheater: just press the button, and the heater does the rest. It takes considerably less time to heat the water than when heating with wood. The Rexener Bioheater keeps the water temperature constant. No more water that is too cold or too hot in the pool! Adjust the temperature on your own!

UV-light helps keep the pool water clean

– Water circulates from the pool through the circulation pump to the mass filter, and from there through the UVC device to the Rexener Bioheater heater, from where the warm water returns to the pool.
– Water intakes in the pool have grilles so the biggest debris can’t get into the water circulation system
– The circulation pump is equipped with a pre-filter that catches larger debris.
– Inside the mass filter there is filter fiber, which is also called filter balls. These effectively purify the water and bind small dirt particles, such as skin and other dirt that comes off when bathing in the pool.
– The UVC device has a UV light inside that brightens and purifies the water.— – UV light also prevents the formation of algae and reduces potential pathogens in the water.
– UV light reduces the need for chemical disinfection to a minimum and can also reduce the smell of chlorine, for example

High-quality fibreglass pool

Our hot tub kits come with a 3-year warranty, and our fibreglass pools are guaranteed for 5 years


The hot tub must be placed on an even surface that can withstand its full weight. (ca. 2,000 kg). The hot tub can be set on a bed of crushed stone, or on a concrete base. It can also be installed or embedded in a terrace.In choosing the spot for your hot tub, remember to consider where you’ll drain the water. It is possible to direct the water flow elsewhere with a hose. The drainage valve is on the heater side of the tub, and fits hoses with a 25-mm inner diameter.

Keep the pool covered (sold separately), and maintain good hygiene by washing and drying the pool regularly. Use pool chemicals if you want to extend the water replacement interval. If you use pool chemicals, keep the water’s pH within the set limits, i.e. 7.0–7.6.

No. Rexener PR200 water heater should not be used with seawater as it can cause problems due to the high salinity and the warranty does not cover any damage that may occur.

It is strictly forbidden to use pool salt, for example to clean the pool. Pool salt can’t be added to water heated by Rexener PR200 water heaters.

Rexener Polar hot tubs can be used in the winter. However, do not allow water to freeze inside the water heater/hot tub/water circulation pump. If you wish, you can keep enough water warm so that it can’t freeze, which means you do not need to drain the device. If the heater is not in use (or the hot tub is otherwise kept warm), the device must be drained before temperatures drop below zero. The fuel will keep in its tank, which means you do not need to drain the fuel tank even in freezing temperatures. We recommend replacing the fuel if it has remained unused for a long time. Please note! Make sure you use winterised fuel when using the heater in freezing temperatures.

Yes! Rexener PR200 functions perfectly with Neste MY and Aspen fuels, among others.

Water volume in the hot tub: 1,500 LHeating time (+7 -> +38 °C) roughly 2 hours, one hour of which is filling up the poolHeating cost ca. €4

When the Rexener PR200 is running, its fuel consumption is 2L/hour. However, its thermostat will turn the heater off when the water reaches the right temperature. When the water temperature falls by 2–4 degrees, the heater will turn itself back on. This helps to minimise its fuel use.

You can lower the temperature to +10 degrees if the hot tub is not in constant active use. This can also help to save energy.

560 gr is the minimum (corresponds to about 20 kg of sand), therefore a whole box is included (700 gr corresponds to about 25 kg of sand). So it is ok to fill the container with 700 gr, but 560 gr (4/5 of the box) is minimal.

– Before passing through the Rexener Bioheater, water passes through a UVC device with a UV light.

– UV light is for clarifying water.

– UV light prevents the formation of algae and reduces potential pathogens in the water.

– UV light is based on ultraviolet radiation, which causes changes in both animal and plant cells.

– UV light clarifies the pool water and minimizes the need for chemical disinfection.

– UV light can also reduce chlorine odor.

– When the power cord for UV light is plugged in, the UV light turns on.

– Always turn off the UV light to avoid overheating when there is no water flowing through the UVC device.

– The UV device stays in good condition when you remember to clean the protective glass of the UV light  2-3 times a year.

– The effective life of the UV lamp is about 4,000 hours. We recommend replacing the lamp once a year.