10.0 – 25.0 Tonne Diesel Forklifts

Robust, reliable and fuel engine powered forklifts with capacities from 10.0 – 25.0 tonnes.

The Doosan range of 6.0 – 9.0 tonne diesel and gas powered forklifts have been designed to offer simple, powerful performance in a wide range of applications. Featuring high performance, fuel efficient engines; these trucks are designed for improving productivity and safety in your operation.

These trucks feature powerful, purpose built Doosan diesel engines that are compliant to all European emissions regulations but still maintain high power output at low engine levels.

Improving productivity and lowering operation costs, these trucks increase operator comfort, feature advanced servicing features and increased performance efficiencies.

These trucks are part of our wider range of Doosan Engine Powered Forklifts available with lift capacities up to 25.0 tonnes. You can find out more about these trucks here.

Models in the Range







Key Features

  • 10.0 – 25.0 tonne Lift Capacities
  • Rear Grab Handle with Horn
  • Oil-Cooled Disc Brakes (ODB)
  • Powerful, Fuel Efficient Engines
  • Operator Sensing System (OSS)
  • Doosan Zeus Operator Cabin

10.0 – 25.0 Tonne Brochures

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