Etesia Joins Our Lineup

Etesia Joins Our Lineup

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We are proud to announce we have been appointed as a new Etesia dealer and will be distributing Etesia's completed product range throughout the North-East of Scotland.

We will be supplying the complete range of Etesia ride-on mowers, scarifiers, brushcutters, green technology and pedestrian mowers.

We are confident that the products are going to be popular with our land owner clients and our professional users who are wanting machines that perform day-in day-out consistently.

Specialists in manufacturing high quality grass cutting machinery for both the professional and domestic market, Etesia’s extensive range of products have been in consistent high demand for a number of years, providing their customers with innovative solutions for their green space requirements.

From our point of view as a dealership, we are interested in selling quality equipment. We are interested in working with customers that we are going to be working with for 20-30 years and Etesia’s equipment is perfectly built to last and that fits very much in line with how we operate our business. We want to sell quality that will last customers a long time and do the job well and that is where Etesia comes in.

On the face of it Etesia may appear expensive but when you look at the life you will get out of the machines – then we know that our customers will get excellent value for money.

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