5 Reasons Why STIHL MotoMix Is The Fuel For You

5 Reasons Why STIHL MotoMix Is The Fuel For You

When you buy a STIHL tool, you know that you’re investing in one of the most precisely engineered, high performance power tools available. So you need to know how to make sure your tool performs to its potential – and one way of doing this is knowing the best fuel to use for it!

MotoMix is STIHL’s patented fuel formula that has been created especially for STIHL 2-stroke engine power tools. It’s the perfect partner for your chainsaw or hedge trimmer. But what makes MotoMix better than any other regular fuel you would use in your engine? Here’s 5 reasons why…

1. It’s easy to use

STIHL MotoMix is easy to use and consists of our high-quality ethanol-free fuel and HP Ultra engine oil, pre-mixed at a ratio of 50:1 - the perfect formula for all STIHL 2-stroke tools. This means you don’t have to spend time measuring and it removes the risk of accidentally mixing the wrong ratio and damaging the cylinder and piston. STIHL MotoMix is clean, convenient and ready to pour into your petrol tools, so you can start working in no time at all.

2. It gives the best engine protection

STIHL MotoMix uses premium quality, 95 RON, ethanol-free fuel and STIHL’s highest quality HP Ultra engine oil. HP Ultra is fully synthetic and offers the best lubrication and corrosion protection of any oil in the STIHL range, giving your engine a long service life. A petrol engine that has been used with STIHL MotoMix will still look like new even after 500 hours of use!

3. It has a 5-year shelf life

Ethanol is often present in forecourt fuel, but as it’s hygroscopic it can shorten the shelf life of the fuel dramatically. MotoMix fuel contains no ethanol, meaning when stored in the right conditions in a cool, dry and dark place, it can last for up to five years! This reduces waste fuel, trips to and from the petrol station and protects your carburettor from water ingress or other mechanical issues relating to stale fuel.

4. It’s better for you and the environment

Another advantage of STIHL MotoMix is that it’s a much cleaner choice than regular fuel. It consists almost exclusively of isoparaffins, and has virtually no hydrocarbons such as olefins and aromatic compounds either, reducing unpleasant fumes and creating a better working environment. Fewer pollutants are emitted compared to standard fuel too.

5. It has a patented formula for optimum performance

When it comes to 2-stroke engines, we know how to make the ideal fuel that best suits STIHL machines. STIHL 2-stroke tools are developed and tested with STIHL MotoMix, meaning it can offer improvements in acceleration speed and starting behaviour compared to standard fuel. And because of STIHL’s patent, MotoMix cannot be copied, so MotoMix is always the best option for your STIHL machine.

Warranty extension

STIHL are confident that MotoMix fuel is one of the best ways to prevent machine downtime and fuel related issues. As a result, domestic warranties for selected tools can be extended from 2 years to 3 if purchased with a 5-litre canister of STIHL MotoMix fuel. MotoMix will always give you the best protection and power.

Your STIHL petrol tools are an investment – so why not invest in the best quality fuel for them too?

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